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Stephen Komnino's Law was enacted to strengthen protections for adults with developmental disabilities. The law requires service providers to notify parents or guardians of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or injury to a consumer.


In the past CODI staff notified parents or guardians when there was a report of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or moderate or major physical injury, not a minor injury.  Komnino’s law requires providers to notify parents or guardians of all injuries, including those defined below as minor. The law defines a minor injury as an injury "that does not constitute a major or moderate physical injury, and which can be treated with basic first aid, and without the assistance of a healthcare professional" (P.L. 2017, Chapter 238, C.30:6D-9.1).


Parents or guardians opting not to be notified of minor injuries are required to complete and submit the following form.

Please                          for Minor Injury Notification Form

Komnino’s Law also requires CODI to provide opportunities for parents or guardians of DDD program participants to share contact information. If you are interested in exchanging contact information with other parents or guardians of CODI/DDD consumers, please complete the form below.

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