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Taran Winchester, Director of Quality Improvement

As Director of Quality Improvement, Taran ensures funding source compliance requirements are met and reports and investigates compliance issues, unusual incidents, and Consumer, volunteer, and interns' Grievances.

Grievance or Appeal Procedure
Staff, interns, or volunteers may file a grievance or appeal procedure for any of the following reasons: 

  1. Any disciplinary action taken by a supervisor.  These include written warnings, disciplinary suspension without pay, demotion, or dismissal.

  2. Any instance of illegal discrimination perceived by staff.

  3. Any instance of unlawful workplace harassment perceived by staff.

To initiate a grievance or appeal procedure, staff must submit an electronic Grievance or appeal procedure Form to Taran Winchester, Director of Quality Improvement (DQI), within five business days of the alleged occurrence.  If an allegation involves DQI, staff shall notify President/CEO.  Upon completion of the investigation, DQI shall render a final decision to President/CEO in writing.  DQI shall then notify the staff’s supervisor and staff in writing of the final decision.

CODI requires staff, interns, and volunteers who have a reasonable belief or suspicion of unlawful or improper workplace conduct to immediately report concerns electronically through Accreditation Now.  To submit a report anonymously, login to Accreditation Now and click on Corporate Compliance Report and follow the instructions.  Anyone reporting a concern must act in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates unlawful or improper workplace conduct or a violation of CODI policies.  No employee, intern, or volunteer who, in good faith, reports a concern shall be subject to retaliation or, in the case of an employee, adverse employment consequences.  For more information, see CODI’s Whistleblower Policy.

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