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Taran Winchester, Director of Quality Improvement

As Director of Quality Improvement, Taran ensures funding source compliance requirements are met and reports and investigates compliance issues, unusual incidents, and Consumer, volunteer, and interns' Grievances or appeal procedure.

Consumer Grievance or Appeal Procedure


Consumers may file a grievance or appeal procedure if they believe they witnessed or experienced CODI staff:


  1. Disregarding consumer rights

  2. Treating consumer unfairly

  3. Not providing services offered by the program

  4. Intimidating or bullying consumer

  5. Treating consumers inhumanely or without dignity

  6. Allowing consumers to be put at risk by another consumer


Grievances do not include consumer-to-consumer complaints.


To initiate a grievance or appeal procedure, consumers must submit a Grievance or appeal procedure Form within 30 days either through the website, mail (Career Opportunity Development, 901 Atlantic Avenue, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215), or email ( ) to Taran Winchester, Director of Quality Improvement (DQI).

Grievance or Appeal Procedure Form

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