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Left-back Clifton Platt, Marvin Laws, Wayne Greer, Bruce Sarfert, Caleb Butler
Left front Samantha Denan, Rechelde Yu, Wendy McManus, Claudia Suriano

Adult Training Services (ATS) is a Day Habilitation program for individuals with intellectual disabilities who require assistance in learning vocational, daily living skills, and appropriate behaviors. The program is also designed to allow each person to explore and experience exciting new opportunities. 

Daily activities include opportunities promoting communication, cooperation, daily living, and job skills. Consumers may learn cooking skills, gardening, arts & crafts, and other activities to enhance fine and gross motor skills while working on eye-hand coordination.

Services provided outside of day habilitation include activities that teach and enhance social and vocational skills. Fun activities include bowling, museums, library, shopping, dining, aquariums, theatre, and more!

Our trained staff demonstrates compassion, patience, and understanding of various kinds and degrees of disabilities. Hands-on supervision encourages growth and development in all areas of life experiences.

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