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The Outsource Center

The Outsource Center has been at the heart of CODI for over 50 years. 
We provide vocational training and work experience to assist consumers enrolled in Extended Employment in developing work skills. Outsource staff
 works with consumers to enhance the skills needed to find employment in the private sector. 


The Outsource Center offers a competitive solution to everyday tasks while providing program participants with the opportunity to continue to improve upon valuable work skills.  Some examples of how employers utilize CODI’s Outsource Center include:

  • Assembly 

  • Packaging

  • Sorting and Collating Mailings

  • Quality Control

  • Re-packaging/Re-labeling

  • Manual Labor for any size project




Candle Wicks



Hours of Operation - Monday - Friday 9:00 am until 2:30 pm

For more information contact Bruce Sarfert at
or Email him at

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