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Linda Carney, President & CEO

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As President and Chief Executive Officer, Linda is in charge of all of the day-to-day operations and oversses CODI's Leadership Team.


Karen Gardner, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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As Chief financial officer, Karen oversees agency fiscal functions, day-to-day financial operations, and fiscal staff. 



Bruce Sarfert, Vice-President of Organizational Employment Services (OES)

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As Vice-President of Organizational Employment Services (OES), Bruce performs Pre-Vocational Evaluations, oversees CODI's Outsource Center, Adult Training Services (ATS), and shredding and auto detailing. 



Audbrey Massler, Vice-President of Residential Services

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As Vice-President of Residential Services, Audbrey oversees CODI’s Residential and Community support services programs for individuals with Mental Illness, Development Disabilities,  and Substance Use Disorders (SUD).


Robyn McAnulty, Director of Human Resources

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As Director of Human Resources, Robyn oversees CODI's Human Resource Department. In this capacity, Robyn recruits, interviews, onboards staff, and also serves as CODI's Wellness Coordinator.



Lori Jo Sarfert, Vice-President of Risk Management

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Vice-President of Risk Management, Lori Jo oversees Risk Management and coordinates activities resulting in enhanced safety and risk reduction. Lori Jo also runs CODI's Printing Business.


Taran Winchester, Vice-President of Quality Improvement

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As Vice-President of Quality Improvement, Taran ensures funding source compliance requirements are met and reports and investigates compliance issues, unusual incidents, and consumer, volunteer, and intern grievances.

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