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Restore Your Peace of Mind! Call the CODI Covid-19 Clean Team Today!

CODI's maintenance team employs individuals with disabilities and disadvantages. We offer peace of mind to businesses and their employees. CODI will clean and disinfect your facility using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products to kill bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus COVID-19.
Application is a quick process using foggers and fine mist sprayers for thorough cleaning. Our products are safe on any surface, including fabrics and carpets, and dry quickly, leaving no residue or odor. Staff and customers can occupy treated areas within hours.
Licensed and Insured, we clean  Atlantic County Government Buildings, 177th Air National Guard Base, NJ State Police Barracks, private businesses, churches, and more.

CODI has expanded its Maintenance Services program and currently cleans over 71 offices, county, and federal government buildings, and numerous area businesses. 


Why Support CODI?

  • Every contract provides a work opportunity for differently-abled CODI workers and helps your business make a great first impression.

Contact Kurt at 609-965-6871 

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