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FY 2023 Consumer and Stakeholder Survey Results

Programs and services are monitored annually for consumer, customer, and stakeholder satisfaction. Survey results are shared with Leadership and Codi’s Board of Directors. Survey results are published on our website to ensure transparency and enhance input from stakeholders throughout our community. We also use these results to enhance and develop services to ensure facilities are well-maintained and accessible. Results are also integral to strategic planning and help us gain valuable insights and feedback from internal and external stakeholders. Highlights of survey results are available on our website at 

For FY 2023, ATS stakeholders, customers including Maintenance, Printing, OSC, DAS, OUD, and Sandy consumers, and DDD stakeholders reported 100% satisfaction in all categories. Survey results indicate that CODI continues to provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction. External stakeholder and consumer comments were positive and praised CODI Staff for their ongoing commitment to providing quality programs and compassionate care to those we serve. Some of the comments include:


  • Staff respect us and do not judge us negatively because of our disabilities.

  • CODI changes people’s lives for the better.

  • Staff have always made me feel important and helped me develop self-confidence.

  • The staff treats people with respect and dignity.


External Stakeholders:

  • CODI has made a positive difference in my son’s life.

  • I am well pleased with CODI.

  • Both the staff and the CODI organization do amazing work.



  • CODI staff always come through for us and will take on additional work when needed.

  • CODI staff and consumers are awesome!

  • I drive miles out of my way to use CODI for one simple reason - they are the best. I have NEVER been disappointed with any print job.

  • The work I receive from CODI is always of Outstanding Quality and is always on time or ahead of schedule.

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