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CODI develops its Strategic Plan with input from Consumers, Board members, Staff, and information from Community Stakeholders. Expectations, competitive environment, financial opportunities, organizational capabilities, service area needs, demographics, organizational relationships with external stakeholders, the regulatory and legislative environment, technology, service delivery, performance analysis, and areas of improvement are considered during the strategic planning process. The new plan covers January 2021 to December 2023. Staying true to our mission, strategic goals were established, and specific strategies were identified to meet set goals throughout the next two years. 

  • FY 2022 CODI Plan Highlights (July 1, 2021, through Dec 31, 2021)

Increased and maintained $40,000 per month ($480,000) in a restricted Capital Improvement Reserve Fund. The State of New Jersey released the $35,316 mortgage lien for 1309.  No additional funds are owed. 

  • FY 2022 CODI Plan Highlights (July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022)- Exciting capital improvements! Probably no dollar amounts, though.

1309 roof and gutters                                      $24,999.00

1309 kitchen remodel                                      $  3,200.00

711 kitchen remodel                                        $  2,500.00

901 painted                                                      $12,500.00

901 paved                                                        $16,566.00


  • FY 2023 CODI Plan Highlights (July 1, 2022, through Dec 31, 2022)

President/CEO actively participates in Coalition for the Preservation of Employment Choice.

Held a legislative event on October 11, 2022, to inform local legislators of CODI’s mission.

Staff Training-

  1. Direct care staff annually receive Relias suicide prevention training to address the increase in mental health issues from the pandemic.       

  2. Community Employment Services supervisors and leads completed CDS Maltreatment Training.         

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