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CODI develops its Strategic Plan with input from Consumers, Board members, Staff, and information from Community Stakeholders. Expectations, competitive environment, financial opportunities, organizational capabilities, service area needs, demographics, organizational relationships with external stakeholders, the regulatory and legislative environment, technology, service delivery, performance analysis, and areas of improvement are considered during the strategic planning process. The new plan covers January 2021 to December 2023. Staying true to our mission, strategic goals were established, and specific strategies were identified to meet set goals throughout the next two years. 

Below are Strategic Plan highlights reflecting achievements from 1/1/2019 t0 12/31/2020. 

Increase Residential Outreach
Residential CSS staff transitioned to working remotely and continued services through telecommunication.  CODI assigned vehicles to caseworkers telecommuting to ensure continuous service delivery.  Monthly Winner’s Group continued to meet virtually throughout the pandemic to provide support to participants.


Create Additional Consumer Employment Opportunities
Throughout the past year, CODI has expanded its Maintenance Services program and currently cleans over 71 offices, county and federal government buildings, and numerous area businesses.  Since it appears that Extended Employment (EE) may be discontinued due to federal legislation, CODI will aggressively seek external employment opportunities for EE consumers.

Management and Oversight
The organization continually revises its Performance Outcomes Measures to reflect newly identified goals. This tool assists existing cross-functional teams in adapting and applying principles of the strategic planning process throughout our organizational culture.

Hire Key Needed Personnel
CODI committed resources and hired an individual responsible for Community Outreach, including volunteer and intern coordination.

IT Security Enhancement 

Completed agency-wide transition to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to remotely access CODI server and enhanced network security.

Continue to encourage Staff and consumers to become vaccinated

CODI’s vaccination goal in January 2021 was 75% when Staff and Consumers became eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  At the end of January, 30.5% of Consumers and 34% of Staff were vaccinations.  CODI is pleased to report that as of October 2021, 64% of Consumers and 87% of Staff are vaccinated! 

COVID-19 Safety Regulation Compliance

Serve on ACCESS NJ’s COVID-19 Return to Work Task Force to collaborate and share knowledge throughout the pandemic and meet with DVRS to negotiate re-entry and FY 2021 contract. They created and submitted a Re-entry Proposal to DVRS which was accepted.  CODI physically prepared the building for the safe return of consumers and Staff.  Preparations included reconfiguring the Outsource Center and ATS to have isolation rooms and seating with adequate social distancing.  Additionally, CODI applied for and was granted a CLIA waiver in September 2021, permitting in-house COVID-19 testing.