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Auto Detailing Services

We Provide

  • High quality detailing services utilizing appropriate equipment

  • Long term, short term contracts, and single engagement detailing services

We Service

● Cars ● Trucks ● Commercial Fleets ● Minivans ●Vans

CODI Consumers detail individual vehicles at our Egg Harbor City, NJ location.

Mobile Detailing Services are also available for multiple vehicles, fleets, commercial contracts, and employee rewards programs.

Attention to Detail in Auto Detailing

  • Hand wash the exterior, including all chrome trim, windows, wheels & tires.  

  • Power wash when dirt and grime are especially tough. 

  • Wax and polish by hand with 'good old' elbow grease.

  • Deep clean the interior, including the floor mats and trunk areas.

Why Choose CODI Services?

  • Our Team is fully insured and professionally trained

  • As a CODI Stakeholder, your satisfaction is our top priority

  • CODI Auto Detailing offers competitive pricing 

CODI makes it easy to get your vehicle detailed

  • Your car is safe and secure in our lot

  • Central location for easy drop-off & pick up

Why Support CODI?

  • Every car washed helps differently-abled workers learn new job skills and makes your vehicle sparkly clean at a competitive price.


3 or More Vehicles get ON-SITE PRICING!

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