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Welcome to Career Opportunity Development, Inc.


CODI strives to optimize independence for those we serve.

Our programs and activities are designed to help differently abled individuals to reach their fullest potential.

CODI's Mission

CODI is committed to enriching differently abled individuals' personal, social, and economic independence through employment and housing.

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How CODI Makes a Difference?

CODI has received its NJ General Contractors License for home repairs and remodels through the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs. This enables CODI to utilize our talents for improvements and general repairs at your home or business. Licensed and insured, CODI will make the remodeling and repair process simple and worry-free. A satisfaction guarantee backs all work, and we have many custom budgets to meet your needs.
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Linda Carney –  President/CEO



June is Men's Health Awareness Month. This is an essential time for us to focus on the well-being and health of the men in our lives, including ourselves and our colleagues.

Men's health is a topic that often goes undiscussed or overlooked. From physical health to mental well-being, there are many aspects to consider, and this month allows us to raise awareness and take proactive steps towards better health outcomes.

We value each other's health and happiness. Therefore, let’s encourage the men in our lives to reflect on their health habits and assist them in making positive lifestyle choices.

Whether scheduling regular check-ups, incorporating exercise into daily routines, prioritizing mental health through self-care practices, or lending an ear to a colleague in need, every action counts towards building a healthier and happier community.

Remember, our health matters, and by caring for ourselves, we maintain our health and can help others. Let's make Men's Health Month a positive change and empowerment time.

With warm regards,

Linda L. Carney


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