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SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT - Job Development, Job Coaching, Long Term Follow-Along (LTFA)
Supported Employment offers CODI consumers the opportunity to work in either Food or Maintenance Services in a community setting while earning a competitive wage and developing job skills. Job Coaching Services funded through the NJ Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) and NJ Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) allow consumers to be paired with a job coach to secure competitive community employment in any job.

Supported Employment sites include: Coffee Shops located in the Atlantic City and Mays Landing Court Houses, Maintenance Services at over 71 offices including county, and federal government buildings, and numerous area businesses.



After transitioning from Supported Employment, Job Coaches assist in every aspect of job development and placement. Coaches assist with completing applications and writing resumes to workplace behavior, time management, and 'dressing the part. When consumers are placed in community integrated employment, long-term follow-along supports can be provided to assist with maintaining their position. 

Tamarita joined CODI in August of 2008.  Job coaches worked with Tamarita to develop many vocational skills including being a team player, following directions, completing tasks on time, and customer service.  With the assistance of an employment specialist through our hybrid supported employment program, Tamara was able to seek a job while still attending CODI and receiving training.  In December of 2020, Tamara was hired at Walmart in Mays Landing as a part-time apparel associate.  Tamarita works alongside her co-workers to maintain the apparel departments within the store.  Tamarita also interacts with customers daily, providing them with information and assistance.  Tamarita completed 90 days at Walmart and graduated from our Hybrid program in May 2021.  This December, Tamara will celebrate a year working at Walmart.

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